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Welcome to the website of Richard Michael Holmes. 

      This website is a work in progress.  It will be updated and upgraded regularly.  If at any time you have a question or two, contact the author directly by e-mailing him at...S636874@aol.com.

      Most of this website pertains to my first book..."For Parents Only:  Straight Talk from Inside the American High School."  However, in recent months I have been posting my progress (or lack of it) on the writing of my second book.  That is on the About Me page. 

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ANNOUNCEMENT:   Book #2 has been released and is now available. 

  "Just Lucky, I Guess:  Lessons I Learned through Forty-three Years in High

         School"  It is available directly from the author by e-mailing...

          S636874@aol.com        or  at the following locations:

   The Book House...Stuyvesant Plaza...Albany, NY

   Market Block Books...290 River Street...Troy,  NY

   The River Street Beat Shop, 191 River Street, Troy, NY

    Siena College Bookstore

Cover Price...$14


    For details of "Just Lucky, I Guess"  see the special web page on this site.

 ANNOUNCEMENT  (JUNE 26, 2011)..."For Parents Only: Straight Talk

    from Inside the American High School" is now available as a Kindle

   e-book from Amazon.com.