A Parent's Guide to helping children succeed in high school

For Parents Only:  Straight Talk from Inside the American High School

Finally, a book written by a veteran educator who's been through it all...in the classroom, the guidance office, the assistant principal's chair and the principal's hot seat.  Expressly intended for busy parents of high school students or soon to be high school students, the author spells out in frank words the many ways that parents can help their children make the most of the four years of high school.  Laced with humor that may offend some colleagues in the educational community, each chapter of For Parents Only is focused, sincere, dead-on accurate...and often brutally honest.



 "The author explores the ways that parents can help their children make the most of the high school years...using humor and brutal honesty to drive home his points."   SCHENECTADY (NY) SUNDAY GAZETTE

"Author to parents:  Get involved....The book provides  parents with a short, accessible explanation of what goes on in today's high schools, and how they can play an active role in their son's or daughter's education...including use of the telephone over e-mails to communicate (e-mails are for the birds)."   THE SARATOGIAN (NY)

"Holmes' view is that the best thing one can do for one's children is to become involved in the educational process and stay involved right up to graduation day."   VENICE (FL) GONDOLIER SUN

"This book should be read by the tens of millions of parents, grandparents, God-parents, adoptive parents that have any child in school.  This book should be read by every working teacher in any school in America.  If you know someone who is in school and it is your job to help them, you should read this book.  This book should be read by the millions.  This book has more great information about the school system than its pages can hold.  Bottom line--If you have someone in school buy this book."    David Simonson for AMAZON.COM

"Teachers, if you are easily offended, go find something else to do right now.  Parents, don't go anywhere...Holmes decided not to pull any punches...14 chapters and 91 pages are packed into the high school how-to with a cover that shows the familiar sight of metal lockers that line the hallways of nearly every high school...There's tons (of) advice in the book, but for now, teachers, you can come back."      Greg Fry  for LATHAM LIFE



For Parents Only:  Straight Talk from Inside the American High School (2008)

Now available in both hardcover and softcover!

PublishAmerica, Baltimore, MD

Now available at:

   Book House of  Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY

   Borders at Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY

   River Street Beat Shop, 197 River St., Troy, NY

   Borders on Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

   Sanddollar Bookstore on Miami Avenue, Venice, FL

 or directly from the author ...Softcover - $12.00;  Hardcover - $15.00 - Price includes tax and shipping.  Contact by e-mail:   S636874@aol.com 


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