A Parent's Guide to helping children succeed in high school

To whet your appetite, here are chapter titles in FPO:


Choosing the Right School:  Choice versus chance

Knowing Who's Who:  Administration, faculty and staff...or how the brass dresses

Communications Systems in Schools:  A live voice...Ain't nothin' like it

School Building Atmosphere:  Dust and discipline

Curriculum and Instruction...and the Bell Schedule:  The guts of education

Try Studying...It Works Wonders:  Study skills--A lost art?

The High School Library...or Whatever It's Called Today:  So long, Marian the Librarian...

Homework and Grading Policies:  Is there any justice in this life?

Extra-Curricular Activities:  All work and no play...

Cliques and Conflicts:  Sometimes there's trouble in paradise

The Guidance Office:  Every student's personal Dear Abby

Parent Organizations...Worth Your Time?:  So you want to be a pillar of the church?

Going Back to School...Four More Years:  It ain't over 'til it's over

Final Chapter...Final Thoughts:  Hang in there, I'm almost done