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Just Lucky, I Guess...Reader Reactions:


I'm on Chapter Nine and I don't want to put it down.  D.L.


Great book.  Thanks...Everyone should get this book...Well worth it.  D.M.


I highly recommend this book!  An easy read and an inspiration for both mediocre students

      and aspiring teachers.  S.N.


Finished your book.  It was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it.  You had quite a career and were the best English

      Honors teacher and guidance counselor we had at SCC.  N.D.


I'm about half way through and I'm really enjoying it.  Just finished the Drama Club part.  The experience of

      that play really changed my life at WHS...going from the quiet, shy kid to singing on stage.   E.G.


I just read Just Lucky, I Guess.  I highly recommend it for all who attended WHS--and to teachers who

       can learn so much from the values presented to the reader.    J.D.


Thank you for sharing your experiences in your book.  You are a great storyteller, too.  I know the book will help

      many.   W.J.


It is a most definite good read.  I could actually hear the locker doors shutting before homeroom and between

      classes.  I remember you made learning so very interesting and fun.  You trusted all of us,  not just as students

      but as people with feelings, aspirations, goals and, yes, with talent that many of us thought we never had.  L.N.


Completed it.  Loved it.   M.B.A.


By the way, Prof, I don't feel that luck had anything to do with it.  You were a talented and engaging instructor

      who will always be remembered fondly as my favorite teacher.   S.B.


Great job, Mr. Holmes!  Brought back so many memories for me.  Very interesting reading.  Thanks so much.

 I just finished your book...enjoyed every word...WOW!!!   LL

"Just Lucky, I Guess" is a great book.  After reading the book, I realized how very dedicated and how very hard  you worked all those years.  The amazing part is you made it look so easy?    PC

A great read, Prof.   NA

Great book for parents with high schoolers.    MDK

He is such a good writer. It is like he is talking directly to me.   MK

Well written; well put together.  KF

Fabulous book, a tale to which many of us can relate.  MA





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