A Parent's Guide to helping children succeed in high school

Just Lucky, I Guess...What's Inside


To get a feel for what this book is about, here are the chapter titles:


1.  Grammar School:  Happy, Happy Days (mostly)

2.  High School:  Rough Seas Ahead (mostly)

3.  The Wall:  Three Semesters in Collegiate Purgatory

4.  My Epiphany: College Years Three and Four...and a Career

5.  The Real World of the First-Year Teacher

6.  Year 2:  From Hell to Heaven

7.  Black Saturday...the Day the Music Died

8.  Settling In...to a Life of Teaching...and Learning

9.  Out of the Classroom but Still in School

10. The Next Two Years:  A Heartbeat Away from the Superintendency...or So I Thought

11. The Short but Sweet Life as High School Principal

12. Comin' Around Again:  Returning to Life in a Catholic School