A Parent's Guide to helping children succeed in high school

Just Lucky, I Guess:

Lessons I Learned through Forty-three Years in High School   

      This is a book for teachers, for those who are thinking about becoming a
teacher and for parents who are concerned about their children and their
children's teachers.  Only one who has spent forty-three years in secondary
education could so accurately and clearly write what is on these pages. 
More to the point, only one who loved his work as passionately as Holmes
did could write with such intensity.
       Holmes recounts his own struggles as a student from first grade through
the middle yeras of undergraduate school.  With these experiences in back
of him, he vowed that he would enter the field of secondary education with
one overriding goal.  He would make it his life's mission to help every one
of his students, but especially those who were not finding much success or
much enjoyment in middle and high school   He would do all that he could to
try to prevent them from making many of the same mistakes he made.  To
do that, he knew that he had to start with himself first by doing whatever it
would take for him to become the best teacher he was capable of becoming.
He believed then, as he still does today, that the single most powerful
influence on student success is the teacher standing in front of the clasroom.
       As to whether or not Holmes succeeded, that final performance
evaluation will be made by the thousands of students and parents with
whom he worked from 1963 to 2006.